Optus Satellite announces partnership with CSE

Optus Satellite has recently introduced a channel program to the Australia and New Zealand market which aims to target specialised partners within specific industries such as mining, oil, gas and government services. CSE Global (Australia) is an experienced provider of telecommunications solutions and has accepted the invitation into this channel program.

The agreement with Optus Satellite will assist CSE in remote site or multiple site operations, which require backbone support and disaster recovery through fixed and wireless solutions. CSE has considerable experience in delivering turnkey telecommunications solutions, particularly in the industries targeted within the channel program.

Martin Zuiderwijk, Sales Director at CSE Australia said, “This agreement with Optus Satellite is important for CSE to specifically target the markets we operate in, irrespective of location. Our current market offerings to key industry players can be enhanced with the introduction of a satellite transportation layer and a successful integrated system”.  Paul Sheridan, VP at Optus Satellite said, “We are excited to welcome CSE Australia to the newly established Optus Satellite Services Channel Program. This enables us to add to CSE’s specialised services and end to end offerings, and together we will gain greater traction within these targeted industries”.

The initiatives will aid in providing remote primary or back up connectivity within the resource sector, through offerings including satellite, fibre optic, microwave, SCADA and digital radio systems.  For further information regarding the Optus Satellite and CSE Australia partnership, please contact Kathryn Power-Scott at optusSatelliteSales@optus.com.au, or Martin Zuiderwijk at martin.zuiderwijk@cse-australia.com.