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Exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement

CSE Uniserve is proud to announce they have signed an exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement for the Elspec BlackBox G5DFR. The BlackBox G5DFR is a fully featured Digital Fault Recorder embedded with PQZIP technology providing continuous waveform recording makes the BlackBox DFR ideal for monitoring, protecting , operating, power quality, synchro phasors and load profiles. The modular design also allows to expend the system to almost any application in order to offer a cost effective performance. Read more

TurboTrack – A complete asset management tool

Our acquisition of Comm8 encompassed their asset management tool - TurboTrack. TurboTrack can provide vehicle management, WHS monitoring, alarms, incident management as well as improve productivity and time management and provide reporting and status updates. TurboTrack has developed a unique interface that features sophisticated tracking information globally accessible online. It combines the technologies of Motorola portable and mobile radios, satellite devices and cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices on a single easy-to-use interface. Read more

Taking Orion’s Capacity to the Max

CSE Australia is a proud partner of the Orion Network, which is why we are excited to inform you that the network will embark on the next phase of its network expansion plans. The expansion includes roll out of Motorola Solutions DMR Tier III Capacity Max technology Australia wide to meet growing customer demand for radio voice and data services. Read more

Local Partnership with Hyundai Electric and Energy Systems Co.

Partnering with CSE Uniserve, Hyundai Electric and Energy Systems Co. (HEE) are expanding their presence in the Australian market. Businesses now have the ability to access medium and high voltage electric motors, variable speed drives and generators from Hyundai with local engineering and after sales support. Read more

CSE Global Limited Annual Report 2016

CSE Global Limited (CSE) have released their Annual Report for 2016. Find out how CSE have performed and for all the information on the Board of Directors, Key Management, Group Structure as well as the Operations and Financial Overview and Highlights, Report on Corporate Governance, Risk Management Policies and Processes, Financial Statements and Statistics of Shareholdings. Read more