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CSE Comsource are telecommunication systems specialists and provide maintenance and services to customers operating in the oil and gas, mining, transport and infrastructure industries throughout Australia. With an experienced team of maintenance professionals they are able to engineer and implement detailed maintenance plans specific to your operational needs whilst complying with your company, Australian and legislative standards.

Maintenance planning ensures your telecommunications equipment is operating safely, the team focus on ensuring Integrity Critical equipment has zero downtime to assist in the provision of a safe and productive environment on large scale and complex oil and gas plants and platforms. They work with you to provide more than just a telecommunications system, they can provide preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and campaign maintenance programs on a scheduled basis. All technicians are qualified to provide the highest levels of service including maintenance planning services, maintenance scheduling and working in hazardous environments with appropriate certifications including TBOSIET, MSIC, EEHA and ICSS.

CSE Comsource’s experience and in-depth knowledge across a broad spectrum of telecommunications technologies used throughout the industry today is unmatched. Their range of expertise covers but is not limited to UHF (TETRA, DMR, P25) radio systems, VHF radio systems, microwave radio, satellite communications, LAN/WAN, CCTV, access control, PAGA, AIS, VoIP, IDS, RFID, PCNs, meteorological systems, ship security alert systems and maritime systems.

Their relationships with key vendors and OEMs allows them to provide additional manufacturer and warranty management, ensuring effective telecommunications without compromise.

Download the CSE Comsource Capability Statement.